Who has the obligation to issue the CMR document?

Who issues the transport CMR document

Regarding the obligation to issue the CMR document (international transport document), we specify that the consignment note (CMR) is drawn up by the sender and the carrier and provides proof, unless proved otherwise, of the terms of the contract and the receipt of the cargo by the carrier.

In the absence of registration of the carrier’s reasoned reservations in the consignment letter – CMR, there is a presumption that the cargo and its packaging were apparently good at the time of receipt by the carrier and that the number of packages and their markings and numbers were in line with the The letter of carriage.

According to art. 5 of the Convention of 19 May 1956 on the International Road Transport Contract (CMR), the consignment note is drawn up in three originals signed by the consignor and the carrier. These signatures being printed or replaced by the stamps of the consignor and the carrier if the law of the country in which the consignment note is drawn up so permits.

Who shall receive copies of the CMR document

The first copy shall be handed over to the consignor, the second shall accompany the consignment, and the third copy shall be retained by the consignor.

If the freight is to be loaded in different vehicles or if there are different types of cargo or separate lots, the consignor or the carrier has the right to ask for the drawing of letters of carriage for each used vehicle or for each type of cargo Or batch of goods.

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