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Any company that delivers merchandise in the EU has the obligation to complete a Trace Letter called CMR. The CMR Management Software solution was designed to ease, streamline work and reduce the time needed to complete transport documents.

The service is especially targeted at small and medium-sized businesses that unfortunately, do not have the budgets needed to acquire specialized software that has the ability to create transport CMRs.

Using the CMR Management Online administration application, you can create, modify, edit, download and print personalized CMR documents that are required to ship goods to your customers. This can be done at least twice as fast as with usual paper or excel document.

Our service will reduce you at least half the time needed to complete a standardized CMR form.

Software Features

Quick and secure access from anywhere in the world at any time, from any computer, tablet or smartphone, from any browser using your secure username / email and your password.

The application stores your customers’ data, delivery addresses, and allows reporting of shipments to specific customers or for a given period of time.

Customer inputs remain saved in the database for further much faster CMR completion. New CMRs creation for existing customers and destinations, that have been entered into the system, can be completed in just a few seconds by duplicating the old CMR and changing only the delivery date.

Quick search in all the CMRs you entered using one or more keywords of the CMR.

Instantly export the transport CMR document to PDF and send it via email or print a paper in A4 or Letter format as many copies as you want.

Possibility to select the two languages of the CMR from many EU languages such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Slovenian, Russian.

Real-time reports of shipments made to a particular customer or at a given time.

Personalization of CMRs with your logo and company data.

Fully Custom CMR document Software

We offer customized solutions to suit all your specific company needs.

The benefits of personalized solutions:

  • The possibility of installing the application on its own or leased server
  • Introducing your own LOGO on the CMR
  • Create an unlimited number of CMRs
  • Permanent Access to the database of previous years.

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